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Connect Groups

At Quest, Connect Groups are the best place to find genuine connection with others. They are simply groups of individuals and couples who meet together on a weekly basis to learn and practice what it means to follow Jesus in community with others. There are many groups available to choose from on various nights of the week and in various locations around Clayton, Garner, and Cleveland.

We also offer a simple, short-term Connect Group experience called Segue. A Segue Group meets at eh church facility and usually corresponds with a Sunday message series. We offer Segue several times each year. This is a great way to try out a Connect Group experience before you jump in.

Next Steps

Next Steps is your pathway into living within the Christian lifestyle at Quest and in the world. Through the 4 stops along the Next Steps journey you will learn about the vision and mission of Quest as well as how to function as a beloved child of God. Each stop along the way will help to define your relationship with God and with your new Church family.

Quest 101 - Hear the vision that God has given our leadership

Identity - Learn about living in deep relationship with God

Community - Learn about working on mission with your church family

Mission - Learn how God has uniquely created you for ministry

Men on Quest

Men on Quest is our ministry to men. It provides opportunities for community and discipleship targeting the specific interests of men through affinity groups, events, and Bible studies, 


Women on Quest

Women on Quest is our ministry to women. It provides opportunities for community and learning targeting specific interest of women through affinity groups, events, and Bible studies.