the city

Quest Fellowship was developed over a long process designed to breathe new life into a struggling congregation with an extensive heritage. Initially this congregation began as Johnson Memorial Baptist Church in 1914 in an old building in downtown Raleigh. In 1941 the name was changed to North Street Baptist Church. Through the years the congregation began to decline as the neighborhood around the church facility changed and the old methodologies of ministry made relevancy difficult. In 2006 God began to stir the church again and the decision was made to sell the property and the facility that had housed the church since the beginning. The congregation also embraced a new Purpose (Missions, Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, and Community) and Mission (Make Disciples and Teach Disciples) that would define them for the future. The name was changed to Quest Fellowship and the relocation and reformation process began.

In 2009 Quest moved into its new facility on 15 acres of land, centrally located between Garner, Clayton, and Cleveland. Through the relocation process, God continued to bless our efforts and we were able to move into our new building with no debt.

Quest is now a vibrant congregation of all ages with a passion for living out our faith individually and corporately.