Kids Quest

the city

Welcome to kidsQuest on Main Street! Every Sunday morning our team focuses on driving home the central message of the day - the same message Pastor Paul is teaching in the Worship Center. That is what makes Quest so unique - the whole family is hearing and learning the same lessons each Sunday. So you always know what your children are learning, and this provides families with great opportunities for spiritual discussions.

First Time?

Are you considering checking out kidsQuest this Sunday? Here are some things you need to know depending on your child’s age. You can contact us if any of your questions aren’t answered here.


  • Please label all of your items: diaper bag, bottles, pacifiers etc.
  • Read our Classroom Cleanliness and Baby Wellness Policies.
  • Write down any extra instructions for our nursery staff.
  • We have pagers available for first time guests or any parent that would feel more comfortable with an easy way to be contacted.


  • *Who are all the people in kidsQuest shirts teaching my children? Trained volunteers with a passion to teach children. Each has passed a background check and undergone a thorough interview process. (All of our teenagers are trained as well)
  • *Why can’t I enter the kidsQuest/nursery area? No one outside of our kidsQuest team is allowed into kidsQuest without a team escort. It’s all about the safety of your kids. If you would like a tour, please see Pastor Steve. We have a large volume of babies and children and we must adhere to the system to keep all of them safe.
  • *Children can check-in 15 minutes before service starts.

CHECK-IN: At the kidsQuest check-in desk you will sign your child in. Each family will be given a numbered kidsQuest card. One of our kidsQuest team members will escort them to their class.

CHECK-OUT: Simply return your numbered kidsQuest card at the desk, and we call the teacher to release your child to you. Whoever comes to check-out your child MUST return the card. This is another way that we keep the safety of your child at the forefront of what we do.


We recognize that infancy is a time of development when perceptions are largely based on feelings. Babies begin to perceive the basic character of God through early relationships with an emphasis on established-trust, patience, unconditional love and comfort. We strive to communicate all of these in the most effective way to each infant that attends kidsQuest.

What do we teach? We have a planned curriculum with a special emphasis each month. We include: hands-on activities that are appropriate to the age of each infant, story time with lots of colorful pictures, music and prayer time. Each month we send out a Parents' Home Page with ideas and suggestions for continuing the lessons at home.

*We do offer pagers to anyone that feels they may need to be contacted by our nursery staff.


We know that this age group needs to move around…a lot! Each Sunday is designed with age-appropriate hands-on activities, engaging lessons from the Bible, and music to MOVE to.

Who is teaching my child? All of our Serve Team members have undergone a thorough background check, have had an interview with Pastor Steve (our children’s pastor), attend on-going training, and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are at least two teachers in each class at all times. Many of our teens help with the classes. All of the teens have been trained and are required to attend regular training. You can identify our kidsQuest staff by the t-shirts and lanyards they are required to wear.

*We do supply snacks for the children. Please alert the check-in host/hostess if your child has any food allergies.


Sunday is a fun-filled and busy day at kidsQuest on Main Street! The elementary age students start in small groups where the teacher introduces the lesson focus for the day.

Next the children go for a “walk down Main Street". The classes rotate between the three areas/shops on Main Street - Gabe's Gym, Soul Food Cafe, and Fun Factory. They are hearing, seeing, touching and learning the same scripture and message focus that the adults are hearing in the Worship Center.

After the “walk down Main Street” the children come to the “Block Party” in the kids worship center for a lesson wrap up and kid-friendly worship. This may include: skits, media, singing, puppets, etc. The “Block Party” is also a time to review and apply the lesson of the day.